Back 9 Holes of Morning Golf

Back 9 Holes of Golf- Tuesday, May 5th there will be no Back 9 play. Front 9 only

Due to emergency repairs to our main water lines, back 9 play will be off the front 9 until 7:15 am.

Back 9 Holes of Golf- May to Sept

Back 9 holes of morning golf is a great way to get a quick game of golf in before your busy day. Back 9 Play is based on a first come, first serve basis.

In order to perform maintenance work ahead of our 18 holes paying guests, Our current daily cut-off times for Back 9 play is as follows:

May 2- May 15                    7:15 am

May 16 through Aug 3      6:45 am

Aug 4-Sept 2                        7:15 am

At times, unforeseen circumstances may result in cancelling or shortening back 9 play because of maintenance or equipment issues. We will post any disruption or cancellations to play on Twitter, Facebook and through push notifications on our Mobile app. If you do not follow us or have our App, we recommend doing so in order to provide you with the latest news.

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