Cancellation Policy

Join us for your next round at Metro Vancouver's Premier Public Golf Course!

  1. The person who made the booking is responsible to amend or cancel the reservation a minimum of 4 hours before tee off without penalty.
  2. A $40 per person cancellation fee will be charged to the cardholder of the person who made the booking if the tee time cannot be re-sold or spots filled with walk-ons with less than 4 hours notice.
  3. If a group shows up with less players than what has been booked, without amending the reservation a minimum of 4 hours prior to the tee time, all cancellation fees will be applied.
  4. To amend the tee time, log into your account and select My Reservations. From there, select the tee time you wish to amend. You can always call us to cancel as well
  5. In the event of inclement weather, the cancellation fee may be waived, but we would appreciate a call as a courtesy to others wishing to book tee times.