Dress Code

Only You Can Stop Slow Play. Please do your part.

Ensuring a sensible, reasonable & appropriate standard 

  • 1

    Men’s Tops

    Golf shirts should have a ‘recognized’ golf shirt design:¬† collared, turtlenecks, mock necks and blade collars are acceptable.

    Sleeveless shirts are not permitted.

  • 2

    Men’s Bottoms

    Tailored and/or cargo pants and/or shorts are acceptable.

    Sweatpants and denim shorts are not permitted.

  • 3

    Men’s Footwear

    Proper golf shoes or runners are acceptable. Please wear appropriate footwear for the conditions.

    Metal spiked golf shoes are not permitted.

  • 4

    Ladies Tops

    Golf shirts should have a collar or sleeves or both are acceptable.

    Tank, tube, crop and halter tops are not permitted.

  • 5

    Ladies Bottoms

    Tailored golf skirts, shorts, skorts, leggings or pants are acceptable.

    Sweat, yoga and workout pants and/or shorts are not permitted.

  • 6

    Ladies Footwear

    Proper golf shoes or runners are acceptable. Please wear appropriate footwear for the conditions.

    Metal spiked golf shoes are not permitted.

Golf Course Etiquette

1) Maintain Appropriate Pace

Please keep up to the group in front at all times. It is our goal to provide every player with an outstanding golf experience as well as an acceptable 18 hole playing time. Slow play will not be tolerated.

The best way to improve your group’s pace is to play “ready golf” and avoid spending too much time looking for balls.

2) Repair Your Ball Marks on Greens

Unrepaired or poorly repaired ball marks can lead to missed putts and surfaces that take weeks to recuperate.

You should always find and fix your ball marks on the green. It’s incredibly easy to do at an individual level, and when everyone helps maintain the green, all golfers benefit.

3) Replace or Fill Divots

When you take divots on the tee box or fairway, you should either retrieve and replace the divot or fill the divot with sand provided on the carts or available to walkers.

4) Minimize Divots

You don’t need to take a divot on your practice swing and you should strive to avoid doing so. If everyone took three divots on each shot, the course would quickly be in shambles.

With that said, even some of the best golfer occasionally take a divot by mistake on their practice swing. If you do this, be sure to replace or fill it.

If hitting an iron or wedge from the tee box, you can set your ball behind another divot to avoid making a new one.

5) Maintain Sand Bunkers

You should always rake the sand to fix footprints or other imprints you made in it. You should also prevent causing excessive change to bunkers in the first place. Enter a bunker to hit your ball from the shortest line.

6) Silently Stand Still and Out of the Way

When another golfer in your group is hitting their shot, make sure not to distract them. Always be silent and stand still, out of view (as well as out of the line of their putts).

You should also avoid distracting golfer in other groups. If other golfers are close to you, stay quiet and avoid walking or driving past them.

7) Follow All Golf Cart Rules

You should never drive the cart on or near tee boxes, greens, bunkers, or water hazards.

When carts are permitted on fairways, please follow all directional signage away from greens and stay out of tree lines. There are 5 holes which remain cart path only at all times due to their terrain.

When conditions are wet and carts are cart paths only, please stay on the cement paths at all times.

8) Don’t Hit a Ball Into the Group Ahead of You

Never hit a ball when there’s a group ahead of you within your distance. It’s always best to err on the side of caution.

9) Always Yell “Fore” When an Errant Ball is Hit Towards Other People

“Fore” is a term commonly used in golf that essentially means “duck and get to cover.”

If you or someone in your group hits a shot that could potentially hit another golfer, always yell “Fore!”

Keep in mind that just because you can’t see someone, it doesn’t mean there isn’t someone in your ball’s path. For example, if you slice a ball towards another hole, be sure to yell “Fore!” even if you can’t see the other hole through the tree line.

10) Don’t Drink Too Much

Outside alcohol is not permitted.

More importantly, always be sure to have a safe way to get home. You are more than welcome to leave your car in the parking lot overnight. The gates will be locked at dark.

11) Don’t Play Loud Music While You Golf

Please respect our neighbours and the groups on either side of you. If listening to music, keep it at a volume that can’t be heard more than 5-10 feet from your cart. Be sure members in your group don’t mind and turn it off if close to them during a shot. If you get close to another group, turn the music down until you get away from them.

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